A few words about this site

Easiness is the modern approach to consumer goods, whatever they are.Their access has been dramatically improving, but proportionally to social exclusion. Actually, buying is more and more easy. Those who make the rules on the market place are not those who offer the best quality, but those who allow the largest accessibility to their products.

Music is not an exception to that rule. Quickly composed, quickly released, quickly sold, quickly forgotten, and especially as easy to buy as possible are the principles of most musical productions nowadays.

Some musicians and composers need a rather long time to elaborate a new creation, sometimes using new languages, therefore their music is difficult to be accessed. So several listenings are often required, sometimes special knowledges, but it brings much more than a simple pleasure.

Some of these musicians have their networks, so they share an audience interested in astonishing or innovative musics, called contemporary, avant-garde, or improvised.

Some others are not linked to any network, any school or tendancy, intentionally or by accident, they stand out of musical mainstreams.

I think that I belong to the latter kind. This site allows me to share and to introduce my work, but it is too a window open on a musical world that some people may wish to discover.

There, we are moving apart from an easy but often poor world, to which we are more and more accustomed. Some resistance to preconceived ideas and automatisms can bring us to use our free will and improve our critical sense in order to discover other worlds, discover and deepen ourselves.