LINKS : My Online - live video guitar course site. Since July 2006. Cuneiform Records is the label on which has been released almost all the Philharmonie albums (only Beau Soleil is a self - production) and the first Yang album. Orkhêstra is the Cuneiform French distributor, consequently of Philharmonie and Yang's CDs. The Studio 26 is the recording studio where Philharmonie and Yang have recorded almost all of their albums. Serge Pesce, guitarist, co-founder of the G.L.I. (Free Improvisers Group). : Bernard Ros' website, Philharmonie's guitarist. Musea Records is the label which acquired Shylock album's rights and which distribute them under its label on L.P.'s and, including some bonus tracks, on CDs. Pagicare is a website dedicated to René Daumal, the author of "Le Mont Analogue", an unachieve novel which inspired me the solo album of the same name. Volodia Brice's website, the last Philharmonie drummer and Yang's. Stéphane Bertrand's website, bassist on the first Yang cd. . Jeff Berg's site about fretless guitar. Very documented and informative. Guitar teachers site. Jörgen Brilling's web site, guitarist, has performed and (superbly) recorded "Duo", one of my pieces for guitar and accordion with the accordion player Uwe Mahnken. : German publisher releasing a serie of books about music for accordeon and other instruments (and guitar of course).