As soon as we were three, we began to arrange titles in view to continue to perform them in concerts. In the same time, the new constitution of the band inspired us new sonorities which first demonstration was the Elephant Bell-Ringers, actually a ternary piece in which guitars successively follow each other or superpose, exchanging notes in a both melodic and rhythmic counterpoint, melodies and bass lines being generated by interplay of each part.

This kind of work appears on most of the following titles, until "Rage»; we tried to create a unique body, like a single instrument, a gamelan for instance, in which individuals let place to an homogeneous sonic entity.

For the audience, guitar trio meant, before to hear Philharmonie, virtuosity demonstrations and continuous solos like McLaughlin, Di Meola, De Lucia, and we were obviously working in an opposite way.
Though some listeners were discouraged by their attempts, an enthusiastic range of people, in Nice and elsewhere, has been supporting the band until the end.

On the other hand, three guitarists playing something else than jazz or jazz-rock seemed incongruous to concerts promoters.

We were often forced to present as a jazz trio, to get a chance to be credible.

To not fit to a model has been much prejudiciable to this band, who precisely wanted to make a music out of frontiers. The comparison with King Crimson, unavoidable, was far less relevant than the relationship with Steve Reich, which did made sense on a technical field.

Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to play at a brand new festival in Beausoleil, a little town near Monte-Carlo, in which many means had been involved. It was the very time to record our first CD, live and self produced, with the help of Frédéric Bétin, owner or the Studio 26 in Antibes, who agreed to come with a DAT recorder.

The performance was satisfying, though we forgot to play one of our favourite titles : "Campanile". The name of the CD should be "Beau Soleil", which means in French Beautiful Sun and Jean-Charles Cohen did, as with Shylock, the whole sleeve design, from a painting by Joëlle Vinciarelli, a friend of the band (a friend of Shylock too in its time).

Once the CD pressed, we had to find a publisher or a record label to release it, and it was far longer and more difficult than what we planned. We first signed with a publisher from Marseille, who was not very useful, but this recording allowed us to get in contact with Cuneiform Records in the U.S. who bought it for distribution and signed for the next project « Les Éléphants Carillonneurs » (The Elephant Bell-ringers).