Bell-ringers to the North (91-93)

At the release of "The elephant bell-ringers", we realized that to have signed with Cuneiform Records was opening doors in the north of Europe, where the label was more famous than in France. So I planned a first tour in Belgium and Germany, a few dates only, but very fruitful where we were welcome, as well as by promoters, very professional, though often very young, as by the audience, sometimes sparse, but very enthousiastic. Brussels, Hastières, Aachen, Köln and Berlin.

This tour made such an impression on us that, as soon we came back home, we thought about leaving again.

At the same time broke out the first Gulf war. This dreadful event inspired us "Prelude, march and laments".

As our music was growing more sophisticated, we felt it was lacking of some bassline. This is why Bernard decided to work on Chapman Stick, which allowed him to play bass notes at the same time than melodic parts. That, of course won't help for the comparison with King Crimson, but we didn't want to go into these considerations, the audience would clearly see that, instead of making us closer to the Fripp's band, the stick would allow us to explore and exploit new sonorities
That period was musically particularly fruitful, the tour had brought us together and I was already working on plannig another one, this time with some more dates in Denmark.
In remenbrance of Berlin, we composed "Unter den Linden" and "A Sacrifice", the first titles that I played on a fretless guitar, and we looked forward to see how the German audience will receice it.
Actually, only two dates wer planned in Germany : Aachen on the way there, Bremen back. The rest of the tour has been done at Copenhagen where we found an audience astonishingly hearty. For example : One of the clubs where we played had forgotten to annonce the concert. Therefore, there was neither posters, nor any promotion of any kind. At the evening, in the public rows, were only five persons. Nevertheless, we played the whole set and we've been encored three times.

Once again, that journey was a success, as well on a musical level as on a human one. The harmony between us, encounters we made, the landsapes we crossed, all these impressions were inspiring us new pieces. After a third tour, this time only in Denmark, all the titles of "North", the third album of the band were composed.