PHILHARMONIE : Quartet (93-96)
During the composition of the titles of "North", Philharmonie has been developing his composition work using more and more counterpoint techniques. A instrument like the Chapman Stick increased melodic possibilities. This work led to a more sophisticated music, closer from "serious" string trio music, which more striking example is, in my opinion, the piece"Morphine en Peau de Morse" (Morphine in Walrus Skin).
This relative austerity brought Bernard and Laurent to feel a bit frustrated. During our numerous conversations, they pointed that our music was no more direct enough . But, as I agreed with them, I knew that it was obviously impossible to go backward. So I proposed to create a rock group parallel to Philharmonie, well, a group made of the same line up including a drummer and a singer.
The main reason why I I never found any singer to work with is that I never met anyone who wrote beautiful songs. Singing in french or in english, I don't care, a singer, for me is someone who have something to say and who say it well. The tone comes after. Here, it was impossible to find someone gathering these abilities. One of the singers we met seemed to fit because he had found the right sonorities, but finaly, he withdrew.

We began to look for musicians and we ilmmediately joined Jean-Louis Boutin, a jazz drummer we had met recently. The seeking of a singer finaly appear as totaly unfruitful.

During this time, Jean-Louis and us had worked so much (on titles that we gave up for the most of them) that we naturally asked him to play on Philharmonie's music. First attempts, very decisive, brought us to suit some title of "North" for drums and to record the CD with him.

This is the reason why this album can be considered as a transition, though in my opinion, it contains some of our finest pieces.

The adding of a drummer didn't help us so much concerning dates. In some way the group was changing of category. Our booking in a "new music" festival has been cancelled by the promoters because our band was no more original enough. Yet at this moment, the music was the same !

The latter has therefore taken a new turn for the titles composed after the coming of Jean-Louis. More direct, as wished Bernard and Laurent, but more agressive too, what didn't keep from some counterpoint subtleties.

That will be the main manner of "Rage", far more warped, distorted that what we'd done until then. The context was rather heavy too. We worked a lot, but for very few dates, what led us, in order to finance the album "Rage", to perform a free entrance concert in which we start a fund for the CD. The way the people responded this day not only allowed to raise enough money for the album, but gave us back confidence which was beginning to lack in the band.

A records retailer, Éric Legay, interested in our music, decided to undertake the commercial management of the band. Thanks to him, we played at the Nice Jazz Festival, but after few months, he had to move for another area, then we were left again to ourselves.

So we published an advertisement in newspapers in view to find a new manager. Stéphane Bébert, a young musician full of stamina offered his services. Unfortunately, motivation was leaving Jean-Louis ; originally a jazz drummer, he could no more find himself in our music and In September 1996, he decided to leave the group.

Few days after, my left hand is almost pulled of in a car accident and Philharmonie stops during six months.