SHYLOCK 1 : Birth

Created in July 74 and disbanded in October 79, Shylock has been the revealer of my musical vocation.

The band joined from an advertisement in a music shop answered by Didier Lustig and André Fisichella, both members of the same rock group at this time.

From the first meeting, before to play together, we felt connected. We immediately began to search a rehearsal place. The only solution we had was a little church in a mountain village, St Dalmas-le-Selvage where Didier's parents used to spend holidays.
The priest allowed us to rehearse in the church provided we played on Sunday masses.

At once, from few guitar chords, the first title took shape, a real collective composition work, created in an electric mood and a fever of work we'd never known before.

When we had to give the work a name, we realized that it did not take its source in any idea nor thought, the music generated itself, and only our gathering brought it to light.

So we called it "Le Premier" (The First), a long piece in a pure Symphonic Rock style, composed by a first theme sung (I was the singer too), followed by a string of musical ideas linked one after the other without any relation, and in the end returning to the main theme.

"Le Deuxième" (The Second), followed immediately, approximately built on the same model, i.e. many ideas but no development or structure work.

In "Le Troisième" (The Third), Didier's sister, Diane (13) has been required to play a recorder part, actually the main theme. This title contained no drum part, as André has to come back to Nice for a few days.

In this title, still sung, a beginning of musical development work appeared.

These 3 pieces, in spite they were the stumbling block of Shylock's sound, has never been properly recorded, mostly because after several concerts, the audience, in other respects enjoying our work, told us that it would be better if I could avoid singing!

The only recordings of these titles we made had been done with a bad cassette tape recorder in the church:

Natural reverberation and distortion guaranteed.