SHYLOCK 2 : Gialorgues

In 1975, Shylock was still composed of three musicians: Andre Fisichella, drums; Didier Lustig, keyboards; Frederic L'Epee, guitar and Christian Gouttenoire who joined the band at the end of the summer 74 to undertake the group's promotion.

These more mature compositions, though still led by teeming ideas, were subject to a deeper work on arrangement and development that was lacking on previous titles.

In "Le Cinquième" (The Fifth), an idea came to keep an improvised part as introduction, on a repetitive sequence played on keys by Didier. This allowed us to find in a title magic moments only occurring in rehearsals in which long free improvisations gave us the material of all our works.

Nevertheless, we began to feel the lack of a bass line, and Christian had already planned our first concert for April.

We had a long and hard time with trying to find a musician available to enter the exclusive universe we've created and our search, though persevering, remained sterile. Then, concerts began at three.
The Christian's dynamism rapidly allowed us to find an audience which welcomed our debuts, asking for recordings. Then, it was time to make an album.

As releasing a good quality demo tape seemed, at this time, very difficult, we decided to create our own production label, "Gialorgues Musique", inspired by the name of our beloved mountains.

Helped by our parents, we gathered enough money to record, in co-production with the Studio 16, near Antibes, our first album, "Gialorgues", mixed at Studio ABM in Lyon. We made 1500 vinyl copies of this recording, which sleeve conception was entirely done by a band's friend, Jean-Charles Cohen, who made almost all the photos of Shylock (and the sleeves of all my releases until now).

This self production (the Studio 16 being closed later), which seemed to us reliable to our wishes, opened the way to negotiations with CBS Records, which buy back production and decided to release the album, just as it was, on its own label at the beginning of 1977.

That is the moment we've chosen to depart together for the obligatory military service in August 1976, in order to be freed in the same time and begin touring in October 1977. It has been a real desert crossing, as rehearsals were impossible while this time.

When we met again, at the end of this trying year, it was not possible to recover the fervour that prompted us for the previous compositions. Our cohesion had suffer from separation and personalities, instead of gather in creative energy, brutally confronted each other, allowing Music to appear only in rare and short occasions.

Nevertheless, even in these harsh conditions were created the main titles of our next album, "Le Septième" (The Seventh - Laocksetal), and "Le Huitième" (The Eighth - Ile de Fièvre).
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On winter 74-75, we composed in the church of St Dalmas le Selvage, and in extreme situations (we had to remove 3 feet thick snow from the front of the church to open the way to Didier's organ, and made rehearsals in frosty cold), the fourth, fifth and sixth titles, created with the same fever than the three previous pieces.