Frédéric L'Epée

Solo albums - Improvisations

This project has been conceived shortly after having create the G.L.I. as I was involved more than usual in improvisation, therefore in search of sonorities and modes of play.

The matter is three volumes devoted to improvisation. From rhythms and melodies piling up systems, each improvisation generates its own structure, allowing me to perform it on stage in regard to a pre-established development and atmosphere, but without being restricted by a score, letting me free to make it evolve at my taste in the course of the play.

These titles have to be considered as matrixes from which will rise organic more than mechanic developments.

These albums for electric guitar, sound processors and loop processors has been recorded in real time, in "live" situation.

FRAMES : guitar, analogic and digital sound effects, loopers. 2000 ARCO : guitar, analogic and digital sound effects, e-bow, loopers.2001
A RADIANT SUMMER UNDER GREY SKY : guitar, analogic sound effects, electronic processing, loopers. 2002
These works had been done parallel to traditional compositions, gathered in three CDs recorded during the same periods.

Nevertheless, there are no musical link between two recordings one composed and another improvised done during the same year.

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