Frédéric L'Epée and Laurent James : guitars

Nico Gomez : bass

Volodia Brice : drums



An example of synchronicity :
Since several years, I've been interested in Chinese music. Thus, I gradually get familiar with Chinese culture generally and lately, I began learning Chinese. In fact, if the group's name is Yang, it is not by accident.

As I was surfing on the Web, searching for Tao's websites, I came across the Yi Jing, the Book of Mutations, an antique wisdom book which presents divination systems based on a sequence of cosmic elements (to be brief). Jung was inspired by it when he developed his famous "Synchronicity", according to which some events simultaneously happen by some kind of "mutual appeal" (to be brief too) like for example when one thinks about someone one hasn't seen for a long time and suddenly this persons calls, at this very moment.

Back to Yang now.

As I was immersed in Yi Jing and Synchronicity, Didier Lustig informs me one day that a friend we've known for a long time, the bassist Nico Gomez who has leaved for London 10 years ago and whom I've never seen again since this time, comes back in France. (In 1994, Nico had joined us for a ephemeral meeting of Shylock, in view to perform a single anniversary concert which finally did not happen.)

At the same moment, I receive an email from Laurent James, one of my best students, with whom I’ve lost touch too since 5 years and who wished to contact me.

Few days after, a discussion with Stéphane Bertrand let emerge between us a marked divergence about how to manage concert business for Yang. Not a bitter or tense discussion, but it led to a rupture. When I called Nico to ask him to enter the band, I did not wonder at any time whether he could refuse or accept.
One week later, Julien Vecchié announces me that he surrenders too.Immediately, I called Laurent, no more questioning myself.
These events occurred two months before Yang performed his first concert. The repertoire is difficult, rehearsals are not frequent (I live in Paris, the other musicians in Nice), nevertheless nobody, and me less than anyone, has been doubting it was possible. (Although Laurent has sometimes been in a cold sweat.)
Frédéric L'Epée Nico Gomez Volodia Brice Laurent James
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