Frédéric L'Epée and Laurent James : guitars,

Nico Gomez : bass

Volodia Brice : drums.

After the recording of The Last Word with Philharmonie, I wished to play alone for some times, accordingly to some complications due to my recent accident did not allow me to undertake a group work without knowing if I could continue it or not.

Actually, I underwent surgical operation until 2001.

In spite of it, the creation of series of improvised music performances "Les Aventures de..." (Adventures of...) allowed me to meet the bass player Stéphane Bertrand, with whom I already had contacts but never played. Drawing of musicians at one of these concerts made us meet on stage and I've been amazed by the great energy he showed during this performance. At spring I decided to make a new band, in some way more dynamic than Philharmonie, so I called him and Volodia Brice, who played drums in the last release of Philharmonie, The Last Word.
Very shortly, as music became more complex, I called one of my ancient (and best) students, Julien Vecchié, to play guitar
with us and Yang was born.

Rehearsals began on November 2002. Unfortunately, we could only meet once a week, each of us being very busy in other respects.

Nevertheless, the first titles were set relatively fast, considering that most of the pieces I proposed are rhythmically very tricky.

Six months later, I moved to Paris. But as I come back to Nice every two weeks to carry on teaching, I take this opportunity to set rehearsals with the Nice Guitar Circle, the G.L.I. and of course Yang.

That is the way we gathered the eight titles of "A Complex Nature", recorded in a very short time, in order to preserve as much as possible the energy of this music, in the Studio 26 in Antibes (as the Philharmonie's CDs). It has been released on Cuneiform Records in September 2004.
This CD is performed by Frédéric L'Epée and Julien Vecchié on guitars, Stéphane Bertrand on bass and Volodia Brice on drums. It has been recorded in April 2004 by Frédéric Bétin at the Studio 26 in Antibes.
Somehow, it seems that Yang's music is the next step after the Philharmonie's last CDs : Rage and The Last Word.

When I founded the band, I wanted to gather some of the best musicians I knew around to play a harder tempered music, but still with intricate guitar parts.

In this work, I focus more than usual on complex rhythms as well as unusual (for me) melodic modes.

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But the line up in this CD is also very important because when I compose, I always keep in mind the personality of the person whose I'm writing the part, I am hearing him playing it.

On February 2005, the line up of the band changed. Stéphane Bertrand and Julien Vecchié were replaced by Nico Gomez , bass (Björk, Shania Twains, Steve Williamson...) and Laurent James (Lord of Mushrooms).